The Entropy Story

The roots of Entropy go back to 1986 when I got my first go-kart. I was 12. Soon, the 4 horse power Briggs and Stratton wasn’t enough and I was looking for ways to modify it. My path in life was pretty locked in my by then. I knew I wanted to work with engines, I liked working with my hands and was good at math.

Before I knew it, I was half way through a mechanical engineering program and got my first internship at Modine. After finishing school, I landed a design engineering position and it was the beginning of going deep into the world of heat exchanger design. Some of the OEM projects I worked on included the rear oil cooler on the Prowler, wind tunnels tests on the Viper and even some heavy duty diesel intercoolers.

Meanwhile, I was also a racer. I had to eat my own cooking. I started building my own radiators and intercoolers for myself and soon the rest of the world wanted them too. That was over 20 years ago when Entropy was born and continues today.

But I’m not just an engineer. I’m also a welder, fabricator and fellow hot rodder.
The essence of what Entropy does is bring together the trifecta: killer craftsmanship, killer cooling that works and killer cooling thats built to last a long time.
The last piece – built to last – is key.

When I worked in the OEM world as a design engineer, the built-to-last part is often understated. Especially today with Chinese stuff that falls apart before you even take it out of the box. You see in the OEM automotive world, the difference is your stuff has to last. OEMs will torture test radiators to make sure they can last 100k miles.

That’s why we design all of our stuff to last and offer a lifetime warranty on everything. If it fails, we’ll even pick it up, replace it and ship it back to you on our dime.


Angel joined our crew in 2013 and is our chief welder/fabricator. His TIG welding skills are just on a different level. Angel brought in a wealth of different welding experience when he joined. He continues to innovate and take all of our custom fabrication to the next level.

After working with Angel to teach him the Entropy ways, he took our style and ran with it. His attention to detail and patience would grab envy from old German tool makers. If you’ve ordered a custom radiator from us, it was probably built by Angel.


Jonathan joined our crew in 2014 as a shop hand. Initially he worked building our fan wiring harnesses. While watching him work doing soldering work, I thought he had the inert skill to become a good welder. Though he’d never picked up a TIG torch in his life at that point.

In 2017, we were getting really busy and needed another top notch welder to join our team. After interviewing over 20 guys and having all of them fail our welding skills test, I circled back to my thoughts about Jonathan. Initially Angel and I spent an hour a day working with him, teaching him the fundamentals of TIG welding.

And specifically, aluminum. Since it’s near impossible to find welding talent that can weld at the level we require. After a year of training, Jonathan became our home grown super star. It’s shockingly impressive to see how he’s latched on to becoming a master welder quickly.

He now works as a welder/fabricator.


TJ came to us in 2020 after we interviewed over ** 20 ** TIG welder/fabricators to fill the roll. Most of them talked a great game about their welding skills and then choked when then had to walk-the-

TJ shows up every day with his A-GAME and is IN-IT to WIN-IT. TJ brings a unique combination of skill sets of being able to quickly understand complex assemblies, high level TIG skills and proficiency.

In addition, TJ quickly adapter to the Entropy style of precision TIG welding that is both beautiful and structurally superior.


Carlos is our shop boss and makes sure things run smoothly. From making sure we have all of the supplies we need to making sure all of our radiators are packed and shipped properly.

When I was looking for someone to run the shop, it was easy to find someone that had experience running a shop and warehouse. But it was really hard to find someone that “just gets it”. Carlos gets what we do and why we do it.

He knows the difference between a SBC, BBC, LSX, Coyote, Windsor and Hemi. And can even talk H*nda and Ac*ra if that’s your speed too.

Carlos spent 4 years in the military and after leaving, opened up his own repair shop. He builds his own engines and walks the talk and understands how cooling system work. This ensures our shop runs smoothly and your radiator shows up ready to kick ass.


Frank is our sales boss and joined the team in 2013. Frank knows the car business in and has done everything from change spark plugs to running his own major dealership.

Frank isn’t just someone that answers the phone. He knows cars in-and-out and he’s probably owned more hot rods than most of us have ever dreamed of owning. He won’t have to explain to Frank what years the Hemi was offered with the 440.

From owning hot rods and talking to 1000s of customers on a monthly basis, Frank knows cooling.

Next time you talk to him, ask him about the time someone broke into his dealership and he showed up with an uzi.