1968 – 1974 AMC Javelin/AMX Radiator With Dual HPX Fans


1968 – 1974 AMC Javelin/AMX Radiator With Dual HPX Fans

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This is a radiator we’ve been making for over 15 years and it’s finally available on our website.

The AMC rides just don’t get much love. Though they lack the horsepower of their GM, Ford and Mopar peers, the Javelin body still has great lines and make a solid foundation for a modern pro-touring or resto mod build.

Whether you’re sticking with AMC 360/401 motors or swapping in a LSX motor, this a drop-in for your AMC.


– 2-rows of 1-1/4″ cooling tubes

– Cooling power up to 600HP

– Dual 11″ HPX aluminum fans for a total 3000 CFM

– Precision TIG welded construction

– Lifetime warranty

– Billet CNC machined filler neck

– Heavy duty plate transmission cooler

– Stainless steel hardware

For the LSX swap version, please call to order.

Like all of our radiators, it’s made in the USA. We guarantee you’ll think it’s bad ass and guarantee it to cool your car with ease. And of course our lifetime warranty on everything: radiator and fans. 

For fan control, please use our RH-02 fan harness and BC-20 cap. Please note the billet cap is not included.