1973 - 1986 Jeep CJ LSX Conversion Radiator - Dual HPX Fans


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Swapping a LSX radiator into your Jeep can be a lot of parts hunting. When it comes to your cooling system for your Jeep upgrade, that parts hunt ends here. Our radiator/ fan combo is a bolt in to your Jeep and the easy way to upgrade your Jeeps cooling system to handle a V8.

When swapping your Jeep to a LSX conversion, there is an important detail most people gloss over. And glossing over this key detail can cause you massive headaches trying to keep your Jeep cool.

A common problem when swapping LSX motors into the CJs is using radiators that only have 2-rows of 1.0″ tubes. For all of our Entropy down flow radiators, we build them with 2-rows of 1-1/4″ tubes to ensure you never have to worry about your Jeep running hot. Especially while doing low gear climbs at high RPMs.

With a lot of things in LSX swaps, you have to wonder if your combination of parts is going to fit. Is the A/C compressor going to hit the frame? Is the driver’s side header going to intefere with the steering linkage? Our LSX swap radiator has everything you need to bolt it into your Jeep and includes our lifetime warranty.


– 2 rows of 1-1/4″ tubes for cooling up to 750 LSX horsepower

– Dual 11″ HPX Aluminum fans delivering 3000 CFM

– Precision hand TIG welded

– Billet CNC machined filler neck

– Correct LSX hose connections both on the passenger side with steam vent port

– Lifetime Warranty


Like all of our radiators, it’s made in the USA. We guarantee you’ll think it’s sexy and guarantee it to cool your car with ease. And of course our lifetime warranty on everything: radiator and fans. 

For fan control, please use our RH-02 Wiring Harness.

Please note billet cap is not included with the radiator, we recommend using our BC-20 cap for downflow radiators.

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Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 10 × 26 in


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