Your Pontiac is not a Chevy motor. If Pontiac blood flows through your veins then nothing is a bigger disgrace of the sacred than putting a Chevy motor into a classic Pontiac. We are with you. Chevy motors are great however they don’t belong in Pontiacs.

With Pontiac flowing through your veins, there is something you probably know well. Very well. Very very well: Pontiac motors are some of the coolest motors on the planet with their distinctive blue paint that you can spot a mile away.

You also don’t have to settle for Chevelle and Camaro left overs for your Pontiac. All of our Pontiac radiators are specifically made for the Pontiacs. That means a head ache free installation in your Pontiac like the correct size hose connections, the right size transmission cooler fittings and the proper size transmission cooler for HD Pontiacs. 

On the flip side, Pontiac motors are the most difficult motors of any V8 to cool with no exceptions. If you’re reading this, you probably already know that. We do too and we’ve spent a lot of time figuring out what works with high powered Pontiac motors. 

Know this, there are a few necessary considerations when selecting the right radiator for your Poncho car. A general rule of thumb is to add 150 horsepower to a conventional V8 when selecting the proper radiator combo for your Pontiac. So if it’s a 500 horsepower Pontiac, select a radiator for 650+ horsepower. For crossflow radiators, we recommend going to our HD 1-1/4″ tube models over anything over 500 horsepower. 

For all of our 64-67 GTO/Lemans downflow radiators, we only offer them in our 1-1/4″ tube HD models. From our years of working with Pontiac enthusiasts, we’ve simply learned the GTOs need 1-1/4″ tubes for any type of serious Potiac V8 engine. Especially 389 and larger engines with anything north of 400 horsepower.