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1987 – 2004 Jeep YJ/TJ Chevy LSX Conversion Radiator – Downflow – Dual 11″ HPX Fans

1987 – 2004 Jeep YJ/TJ Chevy LSX Conversion Radiator – Downflow – Dual 11″ HPX Fans

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1987 – 2004 Jeep YJ/TJ Chevy LSX Conversion Radiator – Downflow – Dual 11″ HPX Fans

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When swapping your Jeep YJ or TJ to a SBC or LSX/LTX motor, you’ll find that 99% of the radiators out there are crossflows. And they won’t work like you want them to. Why is that?

Well, there is a myth in the radiator world that crossflow radiators cool better than downflow radiators. And this is in fact a myth. The origins of this myth go back to the 1970s when radiators were made from copper and brass versus modern aluminum.

In the copper/brass universe, downflow radiators were made with extra copious amounts of solder. This was because of the obvious: gravity. These radiators were subject to a lot more effects of gravity on the bottom of the radiator, hence they needed extra thick solder joints to keep the radiators from falling apart. The bottom tank of the radiator had to support all of the weight of the upper part of the radiator plus the coolant.

With aluminum, due to it’s 4x strength compared to brazed copper and lighter weight, this is not the case. Downflow radiator cores are made just like crossflow cores. And in many cases, work MUCH BETTER than crossflows in applications like the Jeep, where there is only 18″ available for a crossflow core. This core is 15% larger than the core you’ll find in any YJ or TJ swap application.

This radiator will cool WAY BETTER than any double-pass LSX swap radiator. Guaranteed.

Swapping a LSX radiator into your Jeep can be a lot of parts hunting. When it comes to your cooling system for your Jeep upgrade, that parts hunt ends here. Our radiator/ fan combo is a bolt in to your Jeep and the easy way to upgrade your Jeeps cooling system to handle a V8.

When upgrading to your Jeep to a crossflow radiator for your small block or LSX conversion, there is an important detail most people gloss over. And glossing over this key detail can cause you massive headaches trying to keep your Jeep cool.

Because the Jeep YJ/TJ engine compartment is fairly narrow, there isn’t a lot of room to make a wide crossflow radiator for the Jeeps. As such, most Jeep crossflow radiators are made with an 18″ wide x 19″ high core. For comparison purposes, the core size is in a 68 Chevelle is 28-1/4″ wide x 19″ high. That’s a HUGE difference.


– 2 rows of 1″ tubes for cooling up to 750 LSX horsepower

– Dual 11″ HPX fans delivering a combined 3000 CFM 

– Precision hand TIG welded

– Billet CNC machined filler neck

– Correct LSX hose connections both on the passenger side with steam vent port

– Lifetime Warranty

Like all of our radiators, it’s made in the USA. We guarantee you’ll find it’s bad ass and guarantee it to cool your car with ease. And of course our lifetime warranty on everything: radiator and fans. 

For fan control, please use our RH-02 Wiring Harness.

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