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1999 – 2013 Silverado GM Truck LSX Extreme Upgrade Radiator Package

1999 – 2013 Silverado GM Truck LSX Extreme Upgrade Radiator Package

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1999 – 2014 Silverado Chevy Truck Suburban Hummer Escalade 6.0L LSX Upgrade Radiator

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If you’re upgrading the LSX motor in your 1999 – 2013 Silverado with a serious blown or turbo motor, you’ll need to upgrade the radiator. Our LSX upgrade radiator is a SERIOUS upgrade to the OEM plastic tank radiator with 1-row of 1-1/14″ tubes.

The foundation of this radiator starts with a massive 34″ wide core with 2-rows of 1-1/4″ tubes setup in a double-pass configuration. This means the coolant makes two passes through the radiator before returning to the engine and boost cooling by almost 20%. After we have a solid foundation, we top if off with 2 KILLER 16″ fans, moving a combined 5000+ CFM of air. It’s enough to almost suck your truck down the road.

How much horsepower can this radiator handle? We don’t know, we haven’t found the limits yet. We have customers making over 1000+ HP with this radiator in full weight trucks with A/C. Our estimation is 1500+ horsepower. You’ll probably find the structural limits of the OEM engine block before you’re truck will make more horsepower than this radiator will handle.


– 2-rows of 1-1/4″ cooling tubes – Cooling for 1000HP and beyond

– Dual 16″ HP fans for a total 5000+ CFM

– Precision TIG welded construction

– Lifetime warranty

– Billet CNC machined filler neck

– Heavy duty plate transmission cooler

– Stainless steel hardware

This monster replaces the OEM 34″ wide radiator. We also build this radiator in a single pass configuration that has both the engine and transmission oil cooler units for use with the GM OEM quick disconnect fittings. Please call us with any questions or any special accommodations you would like us to make for you on your project.

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