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Consumable Electrode V2 – The Radiator Savior

Consumable Electrode V2 – The Radiator Savior

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Consumable electrode.

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If your ride has one of our radiators under the hood, then this is probably already familiar to you. We install them in all the radiators built in our shop.

The number one thing that is likely to destroy your radiator is electrolysis. When the engine grounds or PCM grounds are old, weak or break, the engine coolant becomes a ground path. In modern builds with LSX or EFI swaps, this is usually a major problem. Especially when using an OEM harness that has been cut up or butchered for a swap.

Cheap vinyl Home Depot crimp connectors are also among the usual guilty suspects of grounding problems. They look great when you install them, but check on them in six months.. They are not designed to stay crimped in high vibration environments. Or resist outdoor and under hood corrosion environments.

This is bad news. When too much electrical current ends up in the radiator, it’s a grim prognosis for your radiator. It’s actually a death warrant for your radiator, it’s a just matter of time until it starts leaking.

Much like the anodizing process with aluminum, when you have current flowing through the radiator, it puts the corrosion process on steroids and destroys the brazed tube-to-header joint on the radiator. There is no saving the radiator once this happens.

This electrode kit will substantially help reduce the effects of electrolysis by concentrating the current flow on the zinc anode rather than the radiator. After lots of testing, our new version has a tapped port for grounding the anode to the chassis. So the consumable electrode gets destroyed rather than your radiator.

Includes the anode, wiring, crimp connectors and instruction manual.

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