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1964 – 1967 GTO LSX Aluminum Conversion Radiator – Dual 11″ HPX Aluminum Fans – 20″ Height

1964 – 1967 GTO LSX Aluminum Conversion Radiator – Dual 11″ HPX Aluminum Fans – 20″ Height

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1964 – 1967 GTO LSX Conversion Radiator

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Just a few years ago, converting your GTO to a modern LSX motor was a major project in fabrication. The days of your Pontiac vapor locking and your LSX conversion turning into a major fabrication project are over.

Built specifically for the GTO/Lemans, our swap radiator will drop right into the factory mounts and use the OEM top clamp to keep your new radiator in place. No cutting of your poncho car required.

This radiator has the correct size hose connections for a LSX motor and has the correct steam vent port for LSX swaps.

If you’ve been reading about your LSX swap and are thinking or tapping the water pump to run the steam vent back into it: DON’T DO IT! You will be shooting yourself in the foot. With a bazooka. One of the best features of the LSX motor is the steam vent system, which is one of the features that allow LSX motors to run high compression or boost on pump gas. Disabling it is a disgrace of the sacred. 

For the upper hose, the upper hose from a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse turbo all wheel drive is almost a perfect fit (depending on your motor mounts).

Well capable for up to 600HP LSX motors.

And, like all of our radiators, there are made here in the USA and include both our lifetime warranty and our guaranteed-to-cool guarantee.


– 2-rows of 1″ cooling tubes

– Dual 11″ HP fans for a total 3000 CFM

– Precision TIG welded construction

– Billet CNC machined filler neck

– Heavy duty plate transmission cooler

– Stainless steel hardware

Note: The GTO and Lemans came with two different core supports. Most GTOs came with a core support for the 17-1/4″ core height radiator (22″ overall radiator height). Most Tempest and Lemans cars came with the 15-1/4″ ore height radiator (20″ overall radiator height).

The 17-1/4″ (top to bottom) core radiators are 22″ high overall.

The 15-1/4″ (top to bottom) core radiators are 20″ high overall.

This radiator is for the 15-1/4″ high core models. If you’re not sure, please call us (773)669-6573 and we’ll make sure you get the right radiator for your goat.

All cars with factory A/C use the 17-1/4″ height core radiator. If you’re note sure, just drop us an e-mail or give us a call and we will figure out which radiator your Pontiac needs. Select the radiator height for your GTO along with the transmission type from the drop down box below.

For fan control, use our RH-02 Wiring Harness.

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